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IVF Quote PVED has helped me from the earliest stages of "Is DE really the right and realistic choice for us?" to "How am I really going to do this?" to "Wow, I'm really doing this! Oh, what did I do?" and finally, "Now that we did it, how does this choice effect our family for the rest of our lives?" I like that no matter where you are, there is someone out there willing to help you. And I like to think that my experiences can help others too.
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Talking to Kids about Family Building and Donor Conception
Featuring Carole LieberWilkins MFT, this webinar will take the "scary" out of talking to your kids about how you created your family through donor conception. You will hear the script and learn the tools to address issues that may arise in your family around donor conception. This webinar will help you feel excited to start the lifelong conversations about how your family came together.

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