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IVF Quote I found PVED when I was 13 weeks pregnant and on bed rest with a DE baby. I wish I would have found it before. I found a wealth of information and support, and for the first time since I embarked on my DE journey, I found people who really understood what I was going through. Seven years later, and some of these women are still the best friends I've ever made.
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Egg donation, Embryo Donation, Pregnancy, LGBT, and Parenting Resources Right At Your Fingertips!

Where to start? Where to look? Where to begin?

It’s pretty common for you to be overwhelmed by all the “stuff” out on the internet regarding egg donation and gestational surrogacy. PVED has put together a pretty comprehensive website on most everything revolving around egg donation.

Below are other links to sections we’ve created within our website to help you get started.

PVED has partnered with the folks over at A Child Over 40 to create a wonderful informational section all about Parenting Over 40

We have created an amazing LGBT section authored by John Weltman an advocate and expert in the gay community. This section contains creating resources and information for the LBGT community concerning all things revolving around egg donation and surrogacy.

For those who are interested in embryo donation either as a donating parent or a recipient parent PVED’s section regarding Embryo Donation is chalked full of information about embryo the embryo donation process.

Our organization also offers an informational and educational section on DE Pregnancy. Here you will find all kinds of information about symptoms, surviving the two week wait, pregnancy tests, ultra sound information, maternal screenings and tests, labor, delivery, post-partum concerns, breast feeding information, attachment concerns, and here we explore everything about DE pregnancy.


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